Laukes Feros Eckillain
"I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was"


Basic Description

Name: Laukes Feros Eckillain
Pronunciation: Law-Kes-F-Air-Ross-Eck-Kill-Lane
Alias: Blackwall
Race: Human, with a little something else mixed in
Age: Late 40's
Day of Birth: February 21st, 939 IH

Gender: Male
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 213lb
Hair: Dirty Blond, grey hairs having taken root around his ears
Eyes: Icy Blue
Distinguishing features: Faint scaring to the lefthand side of his face
Personality: Ironwilled, Calm, Honorbound, Gruff.

Occupation: Hired Bodyguard to Temariah

Character Relationships

Mother: Elise Duran (Deceased)
Father: Feros Eckillain (Deceased)
Younger Brother: Eli Eckillain (Lost Contact)
Mentor: Elion Quinlee (Deceased?)
Employer: Machiah Addington

Character History

Born to a poor and rather loving mother and father, Laukes was the eldest of two children. His young life was that of a hard one, doing anything he could for some kind of meal.

His father passed away at a young age, leaving only his Mother to look after two children. This took its toll over the years on their mother, and by the age of four, Laukes’ mother would begin to fall ill. Elise fought through this illness as best she could, trying to provide for both Elijah and Laukes as best she could, but by age eight, Laukes' mother would too pass. He'd never felt the emotions he felt now, anger, pain, hatred...loss. Elijah, Laukes' younger brother, disappeared a few months after, Laukes having lost him in a busy, crowded street.

He was alone.

Come some years later, he's got no family, no home, no future. No hope. He was all but lost until an elf offered him a hand...

Other Notes: Laukes is one to keep to himself most of the time. When he's not protecting his mark, he's either keeping his body in shape, his mind sharp, reporting to his employer or just relaxing and sculpting small wooden figures out of logs and small blocks of wood.

OOC Notes

Class: Warrior

About the player:

I'm a pretty cruisey and laid back guy. I'm usually up for any form of RP. Be it gory, dramatic, mysterious, you name it I'll probably do it. Long-term stories are always something I'm interested in, especially when there is a whole tone of deep character development. But please, if there is going to be any maiming or injuries for my character, inform me beforehand.

Also, my time schedule is a little over the place compared to the norm, being Australian makes it a little harder to be on with most.